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Brexit is shit

Made sure to pass by the European Parliament last year, while visiting Brussels. Was relieved at the time that we were still a part of the European Union, and hoped we might remain. I hate that we’re not.

I hate that we’ve stepped out of a more united world, I hate that we’ve chosen to seek to create inequalities of opportunity, rights, and responsibilities with out neighbours. I hate that racists and xenophobes are setting the direction of our country, and feel emboldened that the way they think is acceptable. I despise that this country feels less welcoming to my friends from other places. I resent my citizenship being stripped from me. And it feels terrible that my only hope for regaining my citizenship, and my country’s place in a project of peace and cultural exchange, is that I have to wait for an entire generation to die before we can undo the damage they’ve done.

Brexit is shit.

The only upside is that Europe now seems more united than it ever has done, and I’m sure will welcome us back to the family when we’re ready. Our flag will fly there again.


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