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James Grigg is a multimedia artist, primarily focused on photography.


His work spans many areas, but his major area of exploration is the body; exploring the physical in different body types, the physicality of the body, and human identity as expressed by individuality of each person's body. He hopes to use this work to foster greater body positivity through visualisation and understanding of the great variety and beauty of different bodies. He also seeks promote a greater acceptance of nudity by challenging taboos about the body's representation, and demonstrating that bodies needn't always be sexualised. 


James also uses human figures in exploration of both the natural and built world, seeking to understand humanity's connection with the world, and how we exist in the world we have created for ourselves. Throughout his photographic work James has also used self portraiture to explore his own body.

Additionally his work spans several other areas of interest, including architecture, landscapes, still life, and conceptual series inspired by environmentalism, science, mathematics, politics, and popular culture. His work also includes other mediums, including animation, model making, drawing, and poetry.

James is a graduate of the Contemporary Lens Media course at the University of Lincoln. He also previously studied architecture, VCE Art and Design and has been creative throughout his life.

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