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Nude in Nature

One of the major recurring themes in my nude and self-portraiture work is nudity in natural contexts. I feel being nude in nature allows us to connect to the wider natural world around us, and reflects that we are indeed a part of nature ourselves. I also seek to celebrate natural spaces and lifeforms, most especially the wonder of trees.


Each image below links to a gallery page for a different series. For other nude work see groups of shoots by style/theme via the main Nudes page.

Biophilic Being

Biophilic 4.jpg

Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing 1.jpg

Body of Nature

Body of Nature 1.jpg

Hail the Trees

Hail the Trees 1.jpg

Green and Blue

Green and Blue


Dawn III.jpg

Wild Flower

Wild Flower 1.jpg

Among the Trunks

Among the Trunks III.jpg

Grow, Heal

Grow Heal 1 mono.jpg

Parallel Arboreal

Parallel Arboreal

Summer Zen

Summer Zen
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