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Nudity and Body Positivity

A poem seeking to imagine 

a clothing optional world.

What If We Were Naked.jpg

An autobiographical poem about becoming

hairy and the connotations of masculinity.


A poem on body image, body positivity,

and the unique beauty of every individual.


A celebration of the joys of nakedness.

Nude drawings.jpg

A celebration of the glorious

diversity of nipples.

nipples web.jpg

On the perils of clothing, and

the freedom of being naked.

dont wear them.jpg

Nature and Environmentalism

A poem on the quiet demise of insect life.


True story of an incident of

domestic afforestation.


A reflection on the loss of nature

through the reign of humanity.

nature .jpg

A recounting of some very wild life.

Giraffes sm.jpg


A poem recalling what a

meditating mind explores.

Meditation sm.jpg

A lament to the awfulness of brexit.


A poem about the protest nature

of the World Naked Bike Ride

WNBR 2013 4.jpg
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