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The Naked Bike Ride

A thousand naked people gather on the road,

A surface normally full of cars, cleared to make the way,

Vulnerable, fragile, real bodies here to make a point,

To celebrate, commemorate, to protest oil's dominion.

A world of cars is no world for people,

A world full of cars is killing us all,

A planet of roads destroys communities,

A car-filled biome leaves no room for nature.

So here we are to symbolise our peril,

Our bodies raw and real,

Bodies so often crushed and wrecked,

Under the car-driver's wheels.

Surreal it seems, so weird, so niche,

Humanity in the city,

But we are here every day, ducking, diving,

Desperately trying to get out of the way.

Well not today, not this time, 

Us amassed and nude, we do protest,

You four-wheeled-folk in your metal boxes,

Make room for us now, see us NOW.

For this is what we all really are,

Flesh and bone, hair and nail,

Truly human, truly frail,

No body, no lungs, can survive your onslaught.

Perhaps appropriate for this warming world,

We shed our clothes, and hope to be seen,

One last gasp, one last shout,

Leave your cars, leave the oil, give us hope.

Let us be free, and free yourselves,

Let cities be places for people,

Not car-parks, not motorways, not barriers to life,

Lets humans roam, let trees regrow.

Leave your oil in the ground,

Leave your cars forever more,

Let us dream of a better world,

Let that world arrive today.

Our bodies as fragile as the earth,

Our bodies are natural as the nature we've destroyed,

Our bodies here now to make you see,

You are also a body, you can be free.

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