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Studio Nudes

Studio-based work has long been a way for me to be a bit more experimental (particularly in my early self-portrait work), or focus on more conceptual images removed from any denotations of location. The series on this page therefore are not conceptually unified, but more a gathering of varied non-located based work.

Each image below links to a gallery page for a different series. For other nude work see groups of shoots by style/them via the main Nudes page.

Back in the Frame

Back in the Frame

It's Strange in the Void 1

It's Strange in the Void


Self Summary



Flux and Multitude

Flux and Multitude

Neutral Nudes icon.jpg

Neutral Nudes

Taped (mk2) IV.jpg


Grey Zen 1.jpg

Grey Zen

Pinched flat.jpg

Two Bodies

Early Self Portraits

Early Self Portraits

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