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Nudity is the primary focus of my photographic work; I believe a naked human is the purest expression of who and what we are, and connects us to the spaces we occupy, and to nature. I am also conscious of, and seek to deconstruct, the taboos around nudity; in particular, I seek to desexualise the body and challenge censorship of the body, as well as foster greater body positivity by recording the unique beauty of diverse bodies.


Each image below links to collections of series based on the theme or format of the work, covering my major areas of interest and styles within my nude photography.

Neutral Nudes icon.jpg

Nude Series

Reflections on an empty space X.jpg

Location Nudes

Pinched flat.jpg

Studio Nudes

Parallel Arboreal V.jpg

Nude in Nature

Nude at Home with Rocky (23).jpg

Domestic Nudes

Naked reading 2023 27.jpg

Self Portraits

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