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Life Drawing

I very much enjoy life drawing as a way to explore the body very differently to photography. I have attended many formal life drawing sessions over the years, as well as sometimes hosting my own clothing optional life drawing group, where I encourage friends to enjoy doing some art, and dabble in nudism. 


Each image below links to a gallery page for a year's worth of drawings (some years more active than others!)

Life Drawing, 2023

Southside life drawing 2023 1A.jpg

Life Drawing, 2018

Life Drawing, 2018 - Clothing Optional I

Life Drawing, 2016

CO life drawing 2016 1D.jpg

Life Drawing, 2011

Life Drawing 2011 - Artist's Studio

Life Drawing, 2022

Gallery life drawing 2022 1A.jpg

Life Drawing, 2017

CO life drawing 2017 7D.jpg

Life Drawing, 2015

Uni life drawing 5 F.jpg

Life Drawing, 2009

Life Drawing, 2009 - Gallery I
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