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Your Body is Not "Flawed"

Your body is not "flawed",

There's nothing wrong with you,

There might be a mark upon your skin,

But that's what makes you you.

There's no such thing as "perfect",

That idea is just made up,

No human fits a neat template,

We're all just parts, all jumbled up.

Every body is special,

Each one of us is unique,

Several billion different variants,

Not one of us a freak.

And yes you're going to age,

Your body will always change,

Textures, shapes, and colours adjust,

To grow is not a sign you're strange.

It doesn't matter what shape your nose,

They come in many forms,

Or ears, or eyes, or mouth, or chin,

We all define our unique norms.

How can you be out of proportion?

When there's no standard shape?

Each body part grows a million different ways,

All that matters is, that yours is great!

So what if you're uneven,

It's unusual if you are not,

Very few have perfect symmetry,

We've got just what we've got.

Don't worry about your stretch marks,

There not exactly rare,

They can be huge, they can but subtle,

All they do is add some flare.

Your skin can not be pristine,

Because no such thing exists,

There's always dark and light bits,

Scars, patches, marks that will persist.

Who cares if you are hairy?

We're mammals, that's the deal!

Hairs can spring up anywhere,

Accept it, that's just real.

Your skin tone does not matter,

Other than to celebrate,

Dark or pale or any in between,

None should be a source of hate.

Whether you're tall or short,

Whether you're fat or thin,

Each one of us is our own shape,

There's room for us to all fit in.

Some body part may be missing,

Something might not work,

But you can still live the best of lives,

And navigate your unique quirks.

So learn to love your body,

It's a record of your life,

Every moment shapes you,

Being you should cause no strife.

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