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Visions in a Meditative Mind

I close my eyes.

White light,

An orb, a globe.

Blue shapes,

Flicker, come and go.

Red light,

Pulses, or persists.

I let the shapes and colours guide me.

A water drop in endless free fall.

A flame gently fluttering.

A swirl of wind.

A feather floating.

A planet alone in space.

The sun blazing bright.

A flower in the breeze.

A butterfly, erratic but elegant.

Or simply a shape.

Sometimes two shapes, 

Two forms, two beings, two energies?

Dancing together,

Caught in each other's currents and flows.

Merging into one,

Or falling away from each other.

Things come and go,

Things ebb and flow,

I focus on them, or let the pass.

My breath at the back of my mind,

Like waves breaking on a serine shore.

Like wind tickling the trees of a forest.

And then I return,

To the moment,

To the place,

To my own mind,

To my body's sensations.

I open my eyes.

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