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What If We Were Naked?

What if we were naked?

Just an everyday normal thing?

Would the world fall apart,

If bodies were free?

Would our eyes burn in fear,

Should less fabric reveal, 

Bodies are near?

We're all the same, in a basic way,

The same body plan,

The same body parts,

More or less, with some variety.

We've all got nipples, we've all got bums,

Why are these more frightening,

Than arms, or legs, or tums?

Wouldn't it be marvellous, 

If we could just wake up nude,

And not have to worry about covering up,

Not have to dress, or prepare,

Just let our bodies enjoy light and air?

Opening the door to get the mail?

Getting dressed just causes delay!

Need to go out shopping?

Just step out and enjoy the day.

Got an appointment?

Clothed or not you'll be going.

Off to work? No need for uniform,

We're all united in our human form!

Clothing might be practical,

When it is cold or rainy.

Clothing might be helpful,

When doing dirty jobs.

But when it's warm,

When you don't need protection,

Clothing is only a social convention,

We don't need it,

We could opt out,

We could be free,

Without a doubt.

And what a world that would reveal,

Humanity in every form,

Not just a narrow media-driven norm.

Bodies of every shape,

Skin of every tone,

Asymmetries, marks on the flesh,

Hair growing here and there,

Stretch-marks and scars,

That tell life-long stories,

We have such variety,

Hidden to most,

The true breadth of humanity,

Is a social ghost.

But we could reveal it,

We could be free,

We could live without judgement,

We could live without fear,

We could let ourselves be open,

We could let ourselves be here.

We all have a body,

It's absurd we have to hide,

Why live in shame and fear,

When we could have love and pride.

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