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Love All Nipples

Pink and pale, darkest brown,

Fleshy tones, can be subtle or profound,

Some nipples like to be bold and showy,

Others blend in, their skin tones flowy.

Maybe your nipples are really tiny

Almost no areola, they're still shiny,

But some are wide, or tall, or other,

Perhaps the entire breast they smother.

Some hairs around, just a bit of down, 

A ring of bumpy bits, a little fleshy crown,

Be they inverted, hiding inside themselves,

Or so pointy, they make little fabric shelves.

They might sit high above the breast, 

Or may hang low, no position is best, 

Some seem to want to face the sides,

They're all amazing, and pleasing to the eye.

One might be smaller, thus the other bigger,

Such asymmetry, no hate should trigger,

Bodies are like that, ever inconsistent,

But your self love, should face no resistance.

So love them cherish them, and give them pleasure,

You should be proud of them; treat them like treasure,

Every nipple is normal, every nipple is suitable,

They are all amazing, they are all beautiful.

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