World Naked Bike Ride London 2012

In June 2012 I attended a World Naked Bike Ride for the first time (you can read my thoughts on the experience on my personal blog). I didn't want to take loads of cameras with me, but I knew it would be a good photographic opportunity - I decided to take my Horizon s3 pro; a 35mm swing lens panoramic camera. It's light, and easy to use (basically a point and shoot, albeit with some fancy clockwork inside), which wouldn't hinder me while busily trying to cycle in an unfamiliar setting. And as a panoramic camera it let me take in the whole scene; giving a nice feeling of the mass of people there.

I think of, and mainly use, this camera as a landscape camera, so it was interesting to use it in the midst of a crowd - Most people unfamiliar with the camera have no idea they're in the field of view, so it doesn't spook them as much as other cameras (although plenty of people still stared right into the lens!), and you get a nice wrap around crowd.