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Neutral Nudes: Erin

Erin was the first participant in my Neutral Nudes series, although the shoot was inspired by the style I had developed with another model (who no longer wishes to have her images online) in a previous shoot. This shoot with Erin did thus outline what the Neutral Nudes series would become, although it was clear from the outset some of the poses we tried wouldn't quite fit in with stillness and simplicity of the ongoing series, and are seen here further down the page as outtakes. To really appreciate the Neutral Nudes series it is best seen with all the subjects presented together. But it is also interesting to be able to focus in on how one person presents themselves in this style. So here is Erin:

These are some of the poses not used in the proper Neutral Nudes series, but an interesting look into Erin's physicality and expressiveness:

And a few shots from warming up:

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