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It's Great To Be Naked

It’s great to be naked,
It’s simply the best,
It’s just so refreshing,
So freeing, so real.

To let your skin be free,
No garment interfering,
No compression,
No frustration,
No seams, or zips, or folds, or lumps,
No squeezing, restricting, or clinging,
No cursed tags, poking your back.

Just light, and air,
Real sensation, without interference,
Motion and movement,
Without restriction and friction.

It’s great to undress,
And find liberty,
It’s great not to dress, 
And forever be free.

To wake up naked,
To stay so all day,
Totally human in every way.

To find a moment of freedom,
To enjoy what you can,
Your body will surely be a fan.

To be just a bit naked,
Because you’re not quite so warm,
The rest of you still enjoys this form.

Even to barely undress at all,
Slip off a sock, or a layer, or a bra,
At least the freedom isn’t quite so far.

Enjoy each sensation,
Enjoy each surface and limb,
Enjoy your whole body,
Feel it from within,
Enjoy the movement of skin and hair,
Enjoy the feeling of heat light and air,
Enjoy being what we naturally are,
Feel your body become aware,
Enjoy being you in your purest form,
Enjoy being free of that social norm,
Enjoy that you are not afraid,
Feel the true way your body behaves.

Be naked,
Get undressed,
Take off your clothes,
It’s the best,
It’s glorious,
Everyone should know!

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