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Neutral Nudes shoots

This is an ongoing series in which over several years I have been photographing people in the same style and poses. The idea is that over the many subjects it shows how we share the same fundamental human form, but also highlights all our unique physical features; seeking to celebrate at once our shared humanity and our individuality.


To best view the series, see the main Neutral Nudes page, where images are grouped by position/pose. This page gives an alternate view of the series, with links to separate galleries for each individual participant.

Neutral Nudes: Jan Farn

Neutral Nudes Jan Farn icon.jpg

Neutral Nudes: Renata

Neutral Nudes Renata icon.jpg

Neutral Nudes: Simon

Neutral Nudes Simon icon.jpg

Neutral Nudes: Alanna

Neutral Nudes Alanna icon.jpg

Neutral Nudes: Lorilei

Neutral Nudes Lorelei icon.jpg

Neutral Nudes: Jess

Neutral Nudes Jess icon.jpg

Neutral Nudes: Polly

Neutral Nudes Polly icon.jpg

Neutral Nudes: Erin

Neutral Nudes Erin icon.jpg
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