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I've added a new gallery for Splattered, an old experimental series I made with Denise Valentine some years ago. Denise recently asked me for copies of her photos, which prompted me to revisit this shoot. For this shoot we were playing with what we could do with colour and the body. What shows up well is a paint splattering technique we tried, which peppers Denise's body with tiny flecks of colour.

Before that we also tried something with tissue paper, wetting it to stick to Denise's body. The paper effect itself sort of worked, although is shifting from decorating the nude body to some sort of fashion/design piece, and too that end would need further iterations of design to really find the strengths of the process. Perhaps more interesting in terms of the body is that the tissue paper stained! The effect was quite uneven depending on the colour, with the pinks and purples showing up very strongly, but others no so much. This staining is there in the final series, but because all the latter shots are framed on the head and torso it isn't so obvious. Here's a look at each version of what we tried:


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