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Eating fish: The worst meat for the planet

I think eating fish is possibly the worse dietary choice, from an ecological point of view, there is. I know several people who are mostly vegetarian, but eat fish, like it’s somehow exempt from being an animal. But if anything I think it should be thought of the other way round. If you must eat meat (and ideally you shouldn’t anyway) then chickens, pigs, sheep, cows, etc are at least just an industrial human product. These animals wouldn’t exist if we didn’t breed them to eat. They all have their own massive sustainability issues, but as far am I’m concerned they’re not real animals; there’s nothing natural about them, they’re purely human creations.

Fish though, except for a few farmed species, are all wild caught. And in the process of catching them entire ecosystems are obliterated. The by-catch issue in the video below is just one impact, but that alone is horrific. Uncounted undesirable species killed for nothing.

There are ever fewer large fish left in the world, we have systematically fished most of them to near population collapse. The oceans are increasingly empty.

I don’t think we should eat any animal products, they are simply too inefficient to produce, the use of land, water, and energy for human consumption is unacceptably unsustainable. But if you’ve yet to bend your mind to that reality, and still feel compelled to eat animals, then please leave the fish alone - We can make as many extra chickens as we want, on land we've already decimated, but once we’ve taken all the fish from the oceans that’s it, they gone.


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