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Life drawing: March drawn

Finally I've started to get some more of my drawings from earlier in the year scanned! If you're following my blog with any attentiveness, you'll note my last life drawing update was for drawings done in January; I didn't get to any drawing sessions in February, so onwards to two in March!

The local group I've been attending now alternates between short pose sessions and slightly longer ones. The first of the two in March was of the longer variety. As ever though it opened with quicker poses, five-minute ones, which I got onto one sheet and quite like the composition of (even if I mangled the poor model's face!):

For the next pose, a ten minute one, I decided to slip out of my comfort zone and try drawing with a ball-point pen! I found I could get much more nuance in the line making than I expected. However I didn't really fall in love with it, so immediately deferred back to pencil for the remaining drawings!

The remaining poses were from ten to twenty minutes, which especially for the longer poses allowed me to add a lot more texture and subtly to the shadows. I especially like the two drawings of the rear of the model, because of that. I didn't really connect with the poses from the angle I was sat at (and I like to draw what I'm dealt, so stick with that anyway), hence the more detail oriented drawings for all of these.


The next session in March was a short pose one, so I did a lot of drawings! This session was themed after the artist Egon Schiele, who I can't say I was familiar with, but I enjoyed some of the more contorted poses we got a result! The model seemed to fit the brief rather well too, with her slim physique quite a good match for Schiele's lean and angular style. I think the longer poses worked better for me this time too, but I don't think I really quite hit the mark with any of the drawings form this session (they're fine, but none of them really sing for me), but I did really enjoy drawing them!


Check out my life drawing section, and within the page for my 2024 drawings, to have a look at more of my drawings.


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