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Life drawing: January drawn

I've finally updated my life drawing section with a new page for my 2024 drawings, starting with drawings from two sessions back in January.

The drawing group I've been attending the last year or so has switched to alternating between sessions with shorter poses and longer ones now. I generally prefer shorter, although the longer ones are only up to twenty-minutes anyway, which is still agreeable for me. So good to have some variety in the format!

I found both sessions in January quite challenging. I just couldn't seem to connect much with many of the poses, or get proportions quite right. I don't think the outcome is really awful, but few of them really resonate for me either.


This first set of images is from the first session, which was longer poses, ranging from five-minute warm-ups, to twenty-minutes for the last few poses. Within this session, I did actually prefer the longer poses, as it let me work out some of my struggles in capturing these images a little. The two orangey drawings where the model is lying down are definitely my favourites of the bunch:


For the second January session, it was shorter poses. I wish I'd done a few more drawings on the same page for this session, as I always enjoy the sort of drawn collage this creates, as you can see especially nicely on the first page with multiple two-minute drawings.

It took me a long time to settle into this evening's drawing too, in particular I didn't seem to want to commit to the page early on, with very lightly drawn lines!


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