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First Prize!

I occasionally enter competitions, to try and get some attention for my work, and sometimes get little perks, like publication or prizes. I have a page cataloguing my achievements to date in that field on this very site. One competition which is absent from that listing is the very first art competition I won something in. I don't recall what place I came, but for my efforts I got an Asda gift voucher, with which I brought my first ever camera, a black 35mm compact, which I expertly used to chop the heads off of all my relatives (in a purely photographic sense).

What amazing piece of art did I submit to win this kick-start funding to my artistic career? I hear you ask. Well it was a portrait of my cat, Dusty (who was in fact black, but got very dusty on his first day as my cat due to hiding behind a unit in my Nanny's kitchen). Not just any portrait mind you, this is Dusty dressed for Christmas! Complete with presents and multiple Christmas puddings!

So there you go, artistic genius even at that young age...


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