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I was on the news, in Germany

Hey look, it’s me! James Gurk (ha!), on the television, in Germany! I’m available to stream, at about the five minute mark on 2DF, and I’m even dubbed into German! I was at the march for Europe on Saturday and got interviewed, they only used the answer to one (quite leading) question of course in which I expressed disappointment at the young people of the country failing to bother to vote, and thus failing to swing the referendum to the not-stupidly-self-destructive-and-hateful result that we got.

The march was, comforting, after feeling rather despondent about the character of the nation following the referendum, it’s reassuring to find oneself among many who are not isolationist, xenophobic, self destructive, nostalgists, dreaming of our colonial past. There were also some good speeches at the end bit. I found David Lammy particularly inspiring, and genuinely hope he will stand for Labour leader if Jeremy Corbyn is ousted.

The outcome of the referendum has been a real game changer for me. I was passionately pro EU, and played my part in the campaign (leafleting!) as well as voting. But I did not realise until it was taken from me just how much being an EU citizen means to me. I feel a part of me has been stolen, and I can bare to let that happen unchallenged.

I feel more energised about this than any other political issue, even climate change, which is my utmost priority in politics and life. If Labour were to be bold enough to step forward to represent the 48% and campaign on a pro-EU basis at the next general election, I’m afraid my loyalties would have to shift from the Green Party, at least for that one election. (I know the Lib Dems are already campaigning on that basis, but I don’t feel they, like the Greens, would be standing on a strong enough base to win it, while Labour could rescue the country if they went that way.)


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