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Ideas Magazine

A couple of years ago I was asked to contribute an article, with accompanying images, to the inaugural issue of Ideas Magazine (as far as I know it only managed that one issue). The idea of Ideas was to focus on a loose concept, that could tie a variety of different articles together. This issue's subject was walls, in reference to the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. I focused my article on clothing as a wall; it was basically a manifesto against the prudish anti-nudity attitudes of western society. The accompanying images presented me in five different set of clothing, ranging through the every day, specialised clothing for weather, work or activities, and me with no clothing at all; presenting it as an equal option.

The reason I posted about this now is that I just discovered Ideas Magazine is also online, so you can read it on My piece spans pages 30 and 31 - UPDATE: I have also now posted an updated edited version of the article on my Medium blog.

Unfortunately the editor was not the best communicator, and despite my creating this piece for them, and being very specific about how it should be presented, he ignored my specification. The nude image was supposed to be at the end, where it functioned as a full stop to the visual series; but was moved to the middle - Effectively hiding it in the print edition; as rather being on the edge and easy to spot when flicking through, it was neatly tucked away near the gutter. Clearly he hadn't read the text which so clearly complained against such prudishness!

I also gave them an image of a Lego wall, which you can see on the first page of the magazine, horrifically cropped! The full image is here. Although I see now I did a great job putting black Lego-man legs against a black Lego brick, so he vanishes into the wall!


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