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It's Strange in the Void

Today I decided to take some self portraits, just for the hell of it. Something I've not done for an age. I didn't have much of an idea going into it, I just went for a blown out background and played; creating some curious versions of me. I eventually decided I wanted to go for mildly odd, which I suppose I just about achieved.

Having isolated myself in such a plain background I found I couldn't resist playing with my image, and thus created something else.

Perhaps a one off experiment, or maybe something to boil away at the back of my mind for future development; I quite like how organic, and despite being full of humans, how inhuman it seems to be, which might link it to something else I've been planning for a while. I'm not sure if I can combine them, but I will surely keep this in the back of my mind for something to build upon.


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