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Life drawing, with two models!

Oh what fun; the nearby life drawing group I've been attending this year had two models at today's session. While I only pictured them together in one drawing, it was very agreeable indeed to basically be able to pick whichever pose and positioning I liked the most between the two of them and run with that. It worked out I drew each of them exactly 50/50, so they must have done a good job each striking different poses and moving about to give the collective of drawers lots of options.

Here is that one drawing of them both together. This was one of the earlier poses in the session, only ten minutes, which was quite challenging to capture them both in (as is evident from the very basic face!). Also, yellow is not a colour I often draw in, and I can see why!!

From my viewpoint, they didn't do many other poses where they strongly interacted like this, and physically occupied a similar space in the frame, which is why I otherwise only picked one or the other for other drawings. I think it would have been really fun if there were more poses like this, especially longer ones with time to work on the drawing more. Definitely something I'd be keen to try again should I get to draw another multi-model setup.

Before the above, we started with some five-minute poses. The first of which ended up being one of my favourites of the session. I really enjoyed the curves and folds of this model's skin, especially her back as in this image. Plus while I normally find draping fabric a bit annoying, in this instance it worked out as a nice framing device to cut off the bottom of the drawing, so I was rather pleased with it on this occasion!

The remaining poses were a mix of ten to fifteen-minute poses, and thanks to being able to pick and choose who to draw for each pose I'm very pleased with the selection of images I ended up with, as both models found some very lovely poses indeed, that were enjoyable to draw and I think lead to some agreeable drawings! I seem to have struggled a bit with the faces of both the subjects though!

The final pose was a ten-minute one, and so to counter my earlier facial failings I decided to focus in on just the face. The shadowing on the nose is a bit harsh maybe, but I'm quite pleased with how I captured her features otherwise. I love this model's beautifully defined cheeks!

So there we go, another fun drawing session. Having two models made it most agreeable, both for being able to pick between two poses, and the fact both were excellent subjects!

You can check out these and more of my drawings from this year on my 2023 Life Drawing page.


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