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Naked Reading 2023 IV

I've updated my Naked Reading 2023 page with my fourth book of 2023, H.G. Wells' The Sleeper Awakes.

A curious dystopia by one of the pioneers of sci-fi. Full of intriguingly remarkable foresight at how the future might play out, including highly prescient ideas on urbanism, energy, transport, inequalities and the systems of exploitation that go with them. A book full of vision and commentary that applies equally for its Victorian origins, the world of today, and the future it envisions. An engaging read, sadly let down by an uncomfortable climax built on notions on race that haven't stood the test of time.

That's my mini-review, but I've also written more extensive thoughts on my book review blog.

Plus again as a little bonus for my Patreon supporters here, I've shared a few alternate takes of this self-portrait there.

I've also recently rearranged my website a little with this series. So there is now a general Naked Reading page, which directs to separate pages for each of the different eras I have done these self-portraits in.


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