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Naked Reading 2023 XII

I've updated my Naked Reading 2023 page with my latest read, Eight Billion Genies.

This eight-part comic series is gloriously imaginative and visually playful, telling the story of what happens when every person on Earth gets a personal genie with one wish. Each issue covers a longer span of time, from the chaotic wishes of whim in the first eight minutes of issue one, to a world changed utterly by the final eight centuries in the last chapter. While full of outrageous ideas and imagery, intriguing rules of magic, and sometimes mischievous genies, what really ties the whole series together is the love of the three groups of characters that drives their journeys through the changing and chaotic world. A really clever, witty, and engrossing series from start to finish.

That's my mini-review, but I've also written more extensive thoughts on my book review blog.

Plus as usual as a little bonus for my Patreon supporters, I've shared some alternate takes of this self-portrait there.


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