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Naked Reading 2023 XIII

I've updated my Naked Reading 2023 page with my latest read, Star Trek #1-6: Godshock.

This first six-issue arc kicks off a new Star Trek crossover comic series, and the start of a wider effort to build a bigger world of Star Trek comics. With such big ambitions, the story features no less than an attempt to kill off all the “gods” of the Star Trek universe. What consistories a god in the story is a little odd in my view, but basically various forms of super-aliens. This allows for some interesting exploration of unusual aliens and ancient history in the Star Trek universe. Lots of familiar and new characters join us on an intriguing new ship, and the series consistently delivers clever ways to tie characters together and pleasing Star Trek problem-solving. A solid and enjoyable start to a bigger story to come.

That's my mini-review, but I've also written more extensive thoughts on my book review blog.

Plus as usual as a little bonus for my Patreon supporters, I've shared some alternate takes of this self-portrait there.


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