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Naked Reading 2023 XX

I've updated my Naked Reading 2023 page with my latest read, New Think.

This five-issue comics miniseries looks at the social implications of current technology and media, reframing reality as sci-fi and fantasy fables. While a little repetitive thematically, the artwork and storytelling style offered a lot of variety from issue to issue. My favourites of the five included framing the pervasiveness of screen technology as an alien invasion, and a story that shows the modern world as the day-dreams of ancient people. Otherwise a bit hit and miss, and rather preachy, but pleasingly thought-provoking and observant.

That's my mini-review, but I've also written more extensive thoughts on my book review blog.

Plus once more as a little bonus for my Patreon supporters, I have this time shared one alternate take of this self-portrait on that platform too.


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