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Naked Reading Returns!

I've decided to have another go at renewing my Naked Reading series of self-portraits! I originally began that series as part of a community effort on Tumblr years ago, and then in 2021 decided to try and do it for every book I read. But at the time I wasn't actually reading very much, and I also wasn't very into the style I had landed on for the renewed series, and so in short order I decided not to continue with it.

So far in 2023 though I'm feeling much more back into reading, and wanting to mark that once again with a self-portrait with each book I make my way through. So here is the first of my new series:

The first book I finished in 2023 was the final book in the Star Trek: Coda trilogy, Oblivion's Gate, by David Mack. This was an insanely huge Star Trek crossover that served as the finale for two-decades of Star Trek novels stories, which were shunted into an alternate timeline thanks to the newest Star Trek TV series establishing a new "prime" timeline. As the end of a whole bunch of long-running interconnected series it was a sorrowful farewell, especially as it was such a conclusive end to that particular narrative. But it also had some really exciting highs, including being a sequel of sorts to my favourite Star Trek movie, First Contact, and returning to the novel's rather utopian version of the mirror universe.


I'll post each new self-portrait to my blog here, and add them all to my main Naked Reading gallery page too, where they are accompanied with a micro-review of each book. But separately I've also started a new book review blog, where I will post more extensive reviews of books too!

Additionally, as a bonus for my Patreon supporters, if I have some decent alternate takes from each shoot, I'll be sharing those just on Patreon as a little extra.


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