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New Website!

After something like a decade of having, I have made a new website. This was prompted by necessity, as my old host at some point updated their terms and forbid nudity, which obviously wasn't going to work for me! So I needed to move before they abruptly terminated me!

But it has also given me a chance to have a tidy up, reconsider how I present some things, and generally update stuff.

I've also added in pages for several older series I'd never gotten online before, so the site now reflects a much broader range of my work, including some of my non-nude portraiture, still life works, documentary series looking at human interventions in the environment, and protest photography from anti-brexit and climate change events.

My favourite new thing is new presentation of my Neutral Nudes series. With eight people in the series so far, I finally feel there's enough to show it how I've always wanted to, combined. This allows all the participants to been seen together, highlighting their shared human forms, and their unique distinctive beauty.

I've also taken the opportunity to bring over some stuff from my now abandoned Tumblr blog, folding in some of my more substantial blogs from there into my main blog here now - Particularly focusing on areas related to my art, such as nudism, body positivism, feminism, environmentalism, and politics.

Alongside my new website I've also created new art-only Instagram and Twitter accounts to sit alongside my general personal accounts, presenting a feed of my artwork without all my other meandering thoughts and reports.

And I've made an account on Patreon, so if you like my work and want to support me, you can do so there - Thanks if you do; moving hosts as meant a significant increase in the costs of just keeping this website up!

I'm really itching to shoot new work lately, although I'm holding back to play my part in stopping Covid. But I've got ideas brewing for when it's safer to shoot more again :)


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