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People's Vote March

Went to the March for a People’s Vote t’other weekend, to add myself to the assembled masses demanding that the country gets a confirmation vote on the final outcome of brexit, and hopefully bring to an end the insanity of a hard right Tory brexit, and all the ill it will bring.

Tis reassuring to find yourself among so many people speaking sense when the country seems to have gone mad, and to have that reminder that half the country absolutely do not want to throw away decades of peace, cooperation, opportunity, and equality.

The EU referendum offered a simple in-or-out choice which in reality means the government having to decide on what laws to keep or discard, and what institutions to continue to be a part of or not. No one voting for brexit could honestly say they knew exactly what they were voting for, because that outcome is still not fully formed. Once it is, we should all have the opportunity to say whether or not we want to country to go down whatever path the Conservatives lay out.

If you agree, sign the petition, write to your MP, and keep talking about it. The worst thing we can do is sit back and let the brexit lunatics determine our countries future.


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