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Please. Help save a dying world.

Our world is dying. You don’t need to look to rhinos or tigers or pandas to see that; think how many more insects and birds there were in your childhood — The world is literally emptying of life. We have to stop it.

And we can. Challenge yourself. Find ways to reduce your impact, and then challenge yourself again and find another way, and another, and another. Every step towards a more sustainable world helps — Do what you can, and then make yourself find more you can do.

Don’t ever be complacent. Don’t give into bad habits. Don’t give in to fashion and peer pressure. Don’t let the idea that something always has been mean that it always has to be. Don’t give up because making a change is hard, or uncomfortable, or inconvenient.

And then let yourself challenge others. Force other people to understand the impact of their actions. Push your employer to do better. Use your vote to put in place people who understand what is at risk and will do something about. And use your voice between elections to make it known to whoever is elected that they need to act. We all have the ability to influence someone, be it your partner, your friends, your family, your neighbours, your colleagues, your boss, or your government. Never give up.

Please. We have already lost so much. Don’t let it continue.


Image: An iconic species is just the tip of the iceberg of global biodiversity loss. Taken in Kenya in 2009, before I gave up flying later that year.


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