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Return to life drawing!

It's been a while, (the better part of four years!) since I did any life drawing! Well no more, a few weeks ago I went to my first life drawing session since back before covid struck (and I think my first outside event outside of work things!). I thought I might be a bit rusty after several years of pencil inaction, but was pleased to find my drawing doesn't seem to have particularly deteriorated. Hopefully more to continue soon!

I've also recently redesigned my life drawing page on this website, to collect my drawings into separate gallery pages by year, rather than by each and every individual drawing session (which I realised was probably a bit of a tedious browsing experience!). And along with scans of my new drawings from this year, I've also added to my 2018 gallery two sessions worth of drawings I never got round to scanning before. So lots of new stuff to share!


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