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Tattoos and Graffiti

I got myself a new camera, a Canon 5D Mark III - A slightly ridiculously huge investment considering how little I am taking photos at the moment. However I wanted an upgrade (my old camera is a 400D!) and I felt taking a big leap and then not getting a new camera for as long again made sense. So I did!

Wanting to get to grips with my camera before cracking on with anything particularly significant I found myself a model on the interwebs and arranged a shoot. I decided to go to a location I've used a few times before and just do some general nudes. Just playing it safe really so I could spend my time worrying about learning my way around the camera.

The only real difference between these and what I've shot before here is that the model, "Kitty", is rather more "alternative" than anyone I've shot before, which in turn gives the images a new flavour. I think all her tattoos work quite nicely with all the graffiti at the location; kind of looks like she belongs in that setting, camouflaged. Check out all the images on the gallery page.


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