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The Case of the Teleporting Cat

Had an amusing cat encounter t'other day. Got a call from the other nearby branch of the shop I work in asking for assistance because a cat had found it’s way into the engine area of our area manager’s car (detected by the sound of meowing coming from within).

After much mewing, and reaching, and attempting to prod it into more accessible places with sticks, we eventually summoned the RSPCA - Who did not arrive with a cat charming flute, but joined us in continuing much of the same tactics. The AA was then summoned also. Meanwhile while we noticed the cat - a super cute tiny little stripey grey kitten - had meandered its way behind the engine, it went quiet for a bit. Then I noticed a meowing coming, from, inside the engine of the RSPCA van!! With ninja-teleportation skills the little cat had switched vehicles! We nearly got it then, when we opened the bonnet it was right on top of the engine, enjoying the heat, but it ducked back inside before we could grab it.

The RSPCA person also attempted to call in reinforcements, noting their mixed success of extracted the cat from one vehicle, only to get it trapped within their own! At this point the meowing was coming from deep inside the underside of the van. Where it was when the AA person came, ready with a jack! While three of us stood around the van with an assortment of nets and hooks ready to pounce, the mechanic started to take the underside of the van apart.

At one point the AA person felt the cat skip across his tummy. But it must have used those teleportation skills again, as without any of us seeing it go, suddenly we could hear it meowing from within a patch of brambles nearby - And that was the end of the adventure, as we couldn’t find away into that growth, and the little kitten kept running away. Hope it’s ok out there…


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