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Visiting a new life drawing group

Having fun with short poses.

This week I returned to life drawing once more at the inaugural meeting of a new life drawing group run out of a local artsy venue in an old church. A very lovely place to draw, with the big space and a nice sprinkling of cosy chairs or little tables to perch on.

My favourite part of the new group is that they've decided to go for all short poses, which I much prefer for some rapid action drawing of lots of poses. I don't enjoy long poses so much, I tend to have a drawing I quite like after about ten minutes, unless I'm really digging a particular pose. 

The drawing about is from the first five poses in a row, which were all extra speedy two-minute jobs. Part of the fun of the quickest poses for me is I almost always draw them like this, clustered on a page, making a neat composition in itself.

The second sheet below switched from a quick pose at the top to longer ones below. I really enjoyed that top pose, and in that instance would have welcomed it being a much longer one, but even though it's just an outline compared to the other two I really like what I managed to capture of it.

More five-minute poses here. The middle drawing here is my favourite of the night; the model had such delightful curly/wavey hair that flowed down here like a waterfall. I just barely captured it in most of my drawings; I certainly didn't really get a good impression of its loose curls, but I love the flowing shape she had it in.

This next sheet was a five-minute pose on the left, and then the first of several ten-minutes poses on the right. I really enjoyed the challenging angle I had for the left drawing, which being bum-on gave the most peculiar shapes from where I was sat.

And last few poses were all ten-minute ones, and so to go for a bit more detail, and because I like particular parts of each pose more than the overall full-body view, I did them all cropped in.

Overall it was a very satisfying night's drawing; a good variety of poses from a lovely model to draw, and all the short poses are what I most enjoy from life drawing. 

Plus as is often the case in the company of fellow arty people, it was a nice friendly group, and a pleasure to have a quick peek at some of the other artist's interpretations and styles. 

I'll definitely be returning to see how this new group shapes up going forward!


PS. For more of my life drawing see my Life Drawing gallery pages.


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