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What nudism means to me

LadyGod1va has asked on her blog what naturism means to her readers. Specifically three questions:

1. What do you enjoy most about Naturism? 2. What do you think Naturism is about (other than what you enjoy as above) 3. What would you like to see as a change in the Naturist society?

These are my answers:

What I enjoy is the comfort and freedom of being naked. It feels nicer (climate permitting) and is often more practical.

What I think nudism is about is getting past ridiculous taboos society has amassed about our own bodies. I think nudism can be an important way for people to access their own being, physically at first, but then getting a better understanding of who they are once they have learnt to drop their self image concerns. I think this is especially important at the moment with the continued pressures of the beauty media, which so many people seem content to listen to, and as a result feel bad about themselves; when there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. Nudism at its best encourages diversity, and individuality, and encourages people not to be concerned about making themselves look like a homogeneous model of beauty.

The biggest change I would like to see in the nudist community is for us to stop being so private and uptight. There is a curious irony that we have accepted there is nothing wrong about being naked, yet many nudists seem more paranoid about nudity than textiles! I try to normalise nudity in my life, to make sure it isn’t a taboo subject, to be completely open about the fact I am a nudist. I think if more did the same we’d be far less of a niche than we seem to be.


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