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Why women should not have to wear bras

1) Bras distort the natural shape of female bodies, to make them conform to a particular idea of what a woman’s body should look like, making breasts appear more pert than they natural are, and often also introducing cleavage. Aside from the body dysmorphia outcomes of this, the effect is also to mold women into a form deemed more sexually attractive, for the benefit of male observers. This also has a troubling implication that only young female bodies are considered beautiful, with the bra designed to to maintain the impression of youthful perkiness in women of all ages.

2) The idea that the natural movement of breasts when not inhibited by bras, or that nipples being in any way visible, is distracting or unprofessional, also suggests everything in the world revolves around male’s apparently being unable to control their sexual desires - Meaning women are forced to police their own bodies to avoid male predation.

3) There is a basic inequality when it comes to clothing. Women are expected to spend a small fortune on this extra piece of clothing, that has questionable functionality, may damage the body, and that many find hugely uncomfortable. Why? Because is has become a cultural norm, at the behest of the fashion industry (and it’s in their best interests to continue to promote bras, so they can continue to sell a high value type of clothing to millions of women), and to control and distort the body as described above for the benefit of male sexual desire.


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