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World Naked Bike Ride 2017

Went on my fifth (I think) naked bike ride last weekend. A couple of my friends were marshalling, which meant I ended up with them at the lead of a section of the ride (there are several start points which gradually merge together into one ride).

It seemed huge this year, though I’ve not seen any numbers it felt a lot bigger than previous years to me (where it was 1000 or so people). Nice and warm too, hurrah!

If you’re wondering why so many people ride naked round London (and loads of other cities around the world): Well their are many reasons people actually turn up, but it is meant to be a protest against oil dependency, for the environment, and cyclists, highlighting how “vulnerable” cyclists and the planet are by presenting as vulnerable ourselves. Although that message does rather get lost in the general carnival atmosphere (I’m guilty of rarely managing to sort out any sort of protest signs most years, this one included), it also attracts a lot of nudists, people there just for the experience, and I’m sure no shortage of exhibitionists and those who are generally flamboyant. As an environmentalist, cyclist, and nudist, it certainly fits me rather well!

Also present in hoards are photographers, which means each time I can play spot-me-on-the-interact after the fact. Which is where I gathered the photos here, from the following sources: here, here, here, here, UPDATE: and here, here, here, here.


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