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60% of wildlife is gone thanks to us. We must act.

"Humanity has wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970, report finds" - So reports The Guardian.

Sixty per-fucking-cent! And also twelve years to drastically change global society to hold off the worst (not all, just the worst), of climate change.

Why isn’t this the main story in the media every day, why isn’t this being treated like the end of the world it actually is?? And why do most people think just not using a bloody straw is enough personal responsibility??

We need to stop adding more humans to the world demanding resources (especially resource intensive westerners), we need to stop treating flying the same as taking a bloody bus! Or indeed treating using a car as an everyday necessity rather than an extreme and absurd luxury. We need to change our diets to be as low impact as possible (ie eat plants, not animals we grew a shit ton more plants to feed, or wrecked the oceans to find), and stop treating fashion, furniture, phones, and everything else like we can use it once and just throw it away with no consequence. And we need to all do it right now!

And yes, we, us, individuals, we can’t just blame governments and corporations - We’re the ones that vote them in, we’re the ones that buy their products, our choices make all this happen, and our choices can either fix it, or doom what little nature remains.

And for god’s sake, if you’re a person that has or wants children how is this not the most important thing in your life, to leave your offspring a world not completely wrecked, and covered in nothing but carparks and cowsheds!?


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