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New nude collections in my photography section

I've been tinkering with my website again! I started this last year by creating pages for Nude in Nature and Nude Series, and have now fully divided up my remaining nude work into additional collections, which I think better represent the themes and formats of my various series.

The new collections are:

  • Location Nudes, for non-nature based location work based on "inhuman" spaces.

  • Domestic Nudes, for work featuring everyday home-based nudity.

  • Studio Nudes, for work created in the studio, which has typically been more experimental and/or conceptual.

Along with the previous collections, these now fully integrate my self-portraiture and work with other models, which I think better reflects how my concepts and interests have formed across my work. I have though retained the separate Self Portraits page, to collate all my self-portraiture, as I think that has its own story to tell about the evolution of my work.


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