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Website re-arranging

I've been doing a little website re-arranging this week to try and better organise my photography.

Under the Photography section you will now find some further pages to divide up my work. New are:

  • Nude Series, which collects my more substantial and ongoing projects that have involved multiple shoots. I'm hoping a couple of my recent shoots will actually be the start of two more ongoing series, so when I continue on those they will be added to this page too.

  • Nude in Nature, which collects all my nude and self portraiture work around nudity in natural contexts, a growing area of my work of late which I wanted to present as a body of work collectively,

I've relabeled my old Nudes page Misc. Nudes, although it still includes all my non-self portrait nude work, including those listed on the new pages above, and including each of the individual shoots from ongoing series. So if you want to simply browse all my nude work, that's where to look, but if you want to see more curated selections of my work, check out the new pages!


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